Header Bidding

A brief introduction

Header bidding is a new technology that allows publishers to offer their inventory through a unified auction, before calling on adservers and advertisers to select impressions with the highest priority, using programmatic advertising platforms.

This means that advertisers can compete for multiple placements by a publisher dynamically and in real time, and see 100% of their stack. Unlike traditional real time bid auctions, where ads have their own auction one at a time and with low priority in the adserver, in header bidding advertisers have the ability to make multiple bids at the same time, with the highest priority in the adserver.

Header Bidding is beneficial for both publishers and advertisers.

Publishers can access multiple requests and increase their fill and earn rates, while advertisers can access more inventories and access more chances to reach their target audience.

Header bidding

The main advantages

Header bidding

Our bidders

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